Sunday, April 21, 2013

Maybe it’s the isolation, maybe it’s the vistas, maybe it’s the voices in my head, but for whatever reason I often time find myself thinking of little metaphors while riding.  Usually it’s when I am reminding myself of some lesson learned in a basic riding course in an attempt to stay safe.  I end up remember that lesson and concentrating on it, then realize like a light bulb going off that that lessons applies to much more than basic riding skills.  They can be metaphors for your (or maybe just my) entire life!  Funny too that many of these metaphors also apply to music.  Doesn’t seem like much of a stretch since music is only another form of communication that requires practice, listening, awareness of yourself and others and can evoke all kinds of emotions.
                I thought that documenting these metaphors would be a great idea and maybe be the contents of book some day!  Not a novel or anything, but more like one of those book you keep in your bathroom to read while you…take care of business. Sort of like “The Quotable Golfer,” “The Book of Questions” or “Chicken Soup for the 30 something white collar suburban guy with kids a minivan and a mortgages Soul.” (Note to self – start writing that book!!  No doubt a Best Seller).
                By the way, why doesn't Barnes and Noble have a section for these kinds of book?  They have everything else: Sci-Fi, Sports and Leisure, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Teen, Mystery, Kids, Crossword Puzzles, Goth, Gay Issues… You have seen them all.  There should be another section called “Shit that will keep you entertained for about 20 minuets and doesn’t have too many big word or long chapters that you can read while you take a crap.”   Probably because that wouldn’t fit on the sign.  Barnes and Noble doesn’t have that kind of budget for a sign that big.  I am sure they would have to custom order that.
                Anyway…  Here is my list of metaphors so far.  I am sure I will be adding more later, since this was the 1st reason I started this blog anyhow.  BTW… I sure hope these are actually metaphors and not analogies or similes or some other thing I can’t remember from 10th grade English class.

·         You need to constantly being changing your focus from immediately in front of you, medium and far distances
·         Be prepared for a fall, not afraid of one.
·         Choose a destination, not a route
·         Stop and meet strangers
·         God determines the length of your life, you determine the width
·         Know you limits and abide by them for the sake of yourself and the ones that love you
·         Seek out, listen and implement the advice of those with more experience
·         Practice so that your skills are second nature so you can simultaneously be in control and observe the beauty around you
·         Travel light
·         Always ensure that you complete annual maintenance
·         Be sure you have a will
·         Be prepared to be on top of mountains and in deep low valleys and long flat plains
·         Check in frequently with you loved one so they know your status and where you are at
·         Travelling with a passengers requires adjusting balancing points, acceleration and stopping distance
·         Don’t be afraid of a storm
·         Make sure you spend sufficient time with friends and also alone
·         Don’t judge by “brands/manufactures/styles/colors.”  We are all here for the same reasons
·         (Road) rage is for idiots
·         Wash away debris from your visual path
·         Listen for subtle changes.  Giving them attention could prevent a future disaster
·         Obey the law
·         Wake up early and get started
·         Nothing good happens after midnight.  Well… except that!
·         Invite your friends to participate in your joys, but don’t force them
·         Balance!
·         Go to the Grand Canyon
·         Don’t just dream, make plans and take action

Try and spot the ass in this picture!

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